In 2015, Chanelle Von Der Monaco created a shoppable video mobile app idea aimed to disrupt the way people shop forever after thoroughly exploring future of fashion and innovative store concepts. The prediction was these futuristic concepts will happen in 2020.

Days before the pandemic lockdown in March 2020, Chanelle launched a premier fashion/luxury consulting firm in the hope to advocate and help brands disrupt with future of store concepts and achieve digital excellence. Needless to say, she never realized then what she always hoped for was about to happen thanks to COVID-19…

In 2021, Chanelle further streamlined her service offerings into: Luxury PR & brand management, influencer marketing, future of fashion and content creation.

Chanelle’s unique mind with a blend of strategy, creativity, art and deep insights allowed her to create an agency + strategy consultancy called by many as “Creative, Disruptive and Unique”.

I have been fascinated with the “future of store” concepts involving augmented reality, hologram, virtual reality, connected store etc. Just as I was disappointed the future of fashion will miss its 2020 timeline, the sudden mass destruction of a global pandemic turned the fashion industry into a total disruption of virtual technologies and digital transformation.

– Chanelle Von Der Monaco, Founder & Managing Director at House of Chanelle


Chanelle Von Der Monaco sees that the industry needs a premier strategy firm specialized in fashion to guide them through the digital marketing mix and omnichannel landscape. She is undoubtedly the fashion/luxury, digital strategy, PR and retail expert with many industry leading companies under her roster: Vanity Fair, Rag & Bone, Saks, Prabal Gurung, Fox, Sony etc.; dealt with luxury brand products (Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Dior, Fendi, St Laurent, Valentino, Prada, Dolce&Gabbana, Celine etc.) in Ecommerce and luxury stores. She has also won a fashion reality show (MGM) and other competition TV shows.

This sustainable branding concept and slogan Chanelle initiated has been used in the press materials of a Swedish government agency to promote its fashion industry. For a sustainable fashion forum event she helped organizing with participation from H&M, FIT and Eileen Fisher, Chanelle has received a personal message from Diane Von Furstenberg and obtained attendance from Business of Fashion, Stella McCartney brand ambassador and sustainable influencers.

House of Chanelle, from its start under the vision of founder Chanelle Von Der Monaco, has in its DNA to innovate, build resilience and sustainability for brands and retailers under crisis and various situations through its unique array of services mix: Ecommerce and retail strategy, future of fashion & innovative store concepts, virtual technology, omnichannel and growth strategy.

– House of Chanelle

Chanelle has been trained with some of the most successful business leaders and celebrity entrepreneurs. With her unique and marvelous creative, media and strategy talent, she can be a valuable expert source for media and create interesting, insightful content for your readers.

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About House of Chanelle

House of Chanelle is a premier, global luxury & fashion agency + strategy consultancy in luxury PR & brand management, influencer marketing and future of fashion. We set our bars high and have been called by many as “Disruptive & Unique”. We build, market, grow luxury brands; create partnerships and develop content between influencers and brands.

Unlike most agencies or consultancies in the industry, House of Chanelle is backed by fortune 500, leading media/entertainment companies and tech startup experience with a strong digital marketing and brand strategy background; in addition to our over 10 years of fashion/nonprofit industry experience, luxury stores/brands, celebrity relations and creative directions expertise. We also have excellent resources and connections across various industries all over the world.


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